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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here is the painting I did throughout October in the Fraker Scott Gallery-- it is 30x48in, Oil on Canvas. I am still thinking of an individual name for it, for now it is just Prism II. It is the latest in a more refined way of working in which I build the form of a painting around a kind of skeleton sketch that is more a guideline than anything-- I do not ever want painting to be about filling in the lines. On this one I actually only had a general sketch for the center of the painting, and after working with that I built the rest without drawing. After living and working at Mt. Rainier for the summer I have been more inspired than ever to include more direct allusions and depictions of the landscape, and this way of working is an experimental method to accomplish that without straying too far from my general intention to make each of my paintings its own object-- I am happy with this one in that regard because it is hang-able in any of the four viewing orientations.

With this comfortable way of working developing, I am going to be experimenting soon with unconventional painting supports, possibly with sculptural elements. In general I will be trying to find a more idiosyncratic and interesting place and way for my painting to become more of an individual object that doesn't rely so much on un-questioned or at least un-tweaked means of display like the rectangular canvas. I feel as though there must be a support out there that would allow me to 'step it up a notch', as it were. I am in a good position to be more ambitious right now.

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