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Friday, February 24, 2012

On top is my most recently finished painting-- 44x68 inches. It will be at the Fraker Scott gallery throughout March. There are a lot of references in this painting for me, but the primary feeling of it for me is one of interior light as experienced in a dream or in isolation. It is covered in galkyd which makes it quite glossy. I was also thinking of a mixture of milk and oil, cloth covering radiance (this painting is literally covering and mimicking the form of an older never finished painting that was very bright), and so I also wanted the feeling of something aging or old wrapped about something either new or more timeless. Just haven't thought of an appropriate name yet... I also sort of think of it as the bound prequel to 'The Crush', the red painting below it.

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  1. A stunner!!...Interior flow...brilliance at the core.....