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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here's the start to a new body of work I've been working on for a little more than a month. It has a definite precedent in both painting and photo-manipulation, in fact I recently uploaded the photo-manipulations that were the first things I made like this (originally for my old site design) to my photography page, but it's also exciting to me because of how much simple experimentation each sheet of paper provides. Certainly much closer to drawing than a lot of my work, but I have been surprised by the richness of color that can be got with watercolors and they have just enough flexibility of material to be exciting as a whole new way of working little.

Each are on an 11x15 sheet of watercolor paper.

"Seed Puppet":

"Fillet of Nose":

"Probability Plot":

"Chivalry Happens"

"Becoming Discrete":

A couple details of "Chivalry Happens" and "Becoming Discrete" in higher resolution:

"Chivalry Happens": Don Quixote, and particularly transparent in the inspiration from Gala Bent's work ( "Becoming Discrete": digital information and exploding technology, as well as a recent BBC special on Galapagos that shows a rendering of what a hotspot looks like from underneath the crust. "Fillet of Nose" is based on a nightmare I had. 

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