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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today I got my first new lens for my camera since getting the thing in 2008. I’ve had a DSLR for 5 years but never got any more than the two lenses I started with. Now I have a lens that can shoot at f1.8 (my previous aperture minimum was ~ 5), and it only cost 100 dollars! Sometimes I realize how cripplingly silly I am and it’s like… no wonder I don’t feel like I’ve figured out some consistent creative niche. Even as I gorge deeper in deeper on a few eccentric channels, there are places where a shallow lake might broaden my process or enliven it to the point of essentially changing everything for the better in a way I simply never tried because of my ignorant accepting focuses.
Just spending ten or twenty minutes or however long it was with the electric meter and my new photography tool one step outside my front door was enough to rather shockingly remind me of the joy of photography.
As I’ve sort of established for myself consistently for a year or two now since re-approaching photography from the habits of a painter, photography is something that can be done anywhere now, and is about plunging into the form and possibly subject of what is at hand, what I specifically was not thinking of until I really looked around. It is still an extension of travel for me but now the stages and landscapes I am seeking to elucidate and explore are infinitely variable in scale and context. Formal considerations have been heightened, but also a desire to stumble on new formal relations through experimentation and iteration of framing/composing. (these are all at f1.8, in lower light than I've ever photographed without a tripod, so it's like they represent a new world that has become available)

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