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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29th
Center that text. Just like that. It’s one of those times when the past has built up enough behind me to constitute a new chapter’s beginning.

Today I worked in sodo for Kaffeologie again, it feels as though the past two months or so have been spent in two rooms, and by far mostly in one. How I’ve used the rooms has shifted around a bit, but all the while I have been in SODO, the red neon sign just outside my window in the studio reminding me of it every day and night, both a friendly affirmation and just as certain a kind of damnation of certitude—you are here. You have been here… you will stay here, now. This is the kind of uplifted stranded in-between part of my life, where I work alone and work on my own work alone, closest to downtown as ever, surrounded with industrial and commercial cities of cement. I was sort of trapped in this zone, there have been periods of feeling trapped, punctured by brief periods of biking up the bridge over the train tracks to Beacon Hill and the Chief Sealth trail which winds among power towers and long grassy knolls with views of downtown and Mt. Rainier. In the morning there is nothing like it, and yet after a week or so of doing it my knee gets a little sore and I take my bike to the studio or something and somehow I stop even though every single time I go out there I know all over again that it is the best time in my life, out in the world.

I downloaded Dear Esther and Proteus as part of the Indie Humble Bundle, and they were both quite relevant and encouraging experiences. Quite. The caves in Esther and the whole atmosphere of Proteus are impressive and some of the best examples of my own direction in approaching video games. I have been inspired lately to model a certain terrain, a bowl with a lake and an abruptly terminating glacier, and cliffs opposite to climb as a sort of beginning zone. And I have got my new pen for my wacom today that recognizes barrel rotation. There are a huge array, a plentitude of tools and software that I have been becoming familiar with. It is a learning time that may open a whole discipline and career path that has always hovered and interested me—and so this time even in the wasted in-between insanity of SODO and NOGO (north of Georgetown) is precious time to develop this new and old flower.

Today I biked out to Alki, and my—what a wonderful place to bike out to. The land flattens out, becomes startlingly like Dear Esther, there is the lush shaggy swaying clumped green of the northwest that I know, shaking in the wind under a grey sky, the darkened blue-red grey of sunset. In the distance to the south blue sky was opened up and the clouds in that distant sunset were yellow and orange and gold and soft as they broke out of the overcast beyond the huge domed industrial buildings and overpasses sheltering lines of tents.

Photography has been in a slump for me the past while, sort of because I was so happy to get a new lens but it turns out that that lens is something I don't actually like at all or want to use. So I'll be going back to the classic, the only real lens I've really had. Tokina 12-24mm (on an non-full-frame sensor, so a higher mm equivalent). Took that on my bike ride with me today.

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  1. I like your gorgeous bleached-out cardboard box! Very textileish...It somehow fits with the dead pigeon & the moody skies, industrial tones.