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Sunday, July 7, 2013

At Sunrise on July 4th

I went up to Sunrise, Mt. Rainier National Park for July 4th. It has been a whole fall and winter since I've been, but once I drove up it felt as homelike as ever even though I won't be spending the season there this year. Glad to visit and I know I'll be visiting more... but also good to have the time with a less full-time job in the city right now to learn the craft of this new medium (environment art/level design). I've been getting more and more fluent with Maya, the day I really can't wait for though is the one I can relate my expanding process (and in some ways already developed) with all this interesting software to the key visual/spatial experiences that charge me:

(There's the route I'll be taking in a couple weeks for a summit attempt with a few friends!) 

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