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Friday, March 14, 2014

It has certainly been a long time since my last update. I've been learning a lot about game development over the past months. I've also been preparing for the trip I've always wanted to do: A thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

But in the past couple months I've taken a break from game development to finish a painting that has been sitting in my studio for quite some time, and is sort of both a celebration of painting in general and a psychological prelude to my summer adventure. For now the title is "Summer Storm", it's oil on canvas. Largest canvas I've worked on in a while, I had almost forgot what working on an oil painting larger than 30x48 was like!

Right now it's on display at Pettirosso on capitol hill until mid April. I leave for the Pacific Crest Trail on April 20th!

I kind of like to think of this as a Frankenthaler and Thomas Moran mash-up, with a little Miro as well in the red streamers. I love all the different modes of painting, be it staining, pouring, or careful brushwork. I hope they can all live together on one canvas, and can serve both as themselves and as representations.

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