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Monday, September 26, 2011

A special announcement!

This October, I will be having my first feature show: Boundless Surface. It will be at the Fraker / Scott Gallery in downtown Seattle, in the Tashiro Kaplan building. It will consist mostly of my paintings, but I will also have a few pieces of photography in the show. It opens on the 6th of October, on first Thursday. I will be in the gallery that night from 5-8PM, feel free to stop by! On the 22nd of October, a saturday, there will be an artist reception where I will give a talk on my work. Throughout the month I will come to the gallery to paint. 

The Facebook event page for the show is:

The Fraker / Scott Gallery website is:

And here is a link to a slideshow (the second part of which is fancily choreographed) showing a lot of photography I've done recently, as well as some of my paintings, designed to reveal more of my inspiration and aesthetic proclivities.

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