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Monday, February 14, 2011

From the Burke Museum on the University of Washington campus today:

Last night I watched Robert Hughes's piece on Goya, "Crazy Like a Genius". It certainly re-affirms the psychological power painting can achieve, or once could achieve. I know at some point I will dive into figuration, but now is not quite the time. I've been considering lately a change to a painting I'd thought was done, and today I went ahead and made it. I noticed it originally thanks to mirroring the image in Photoshop and seeing that the composition was leaning towards empty space. The change homogenizes the painting with my other work a bit which is bad and good, but on its own I believe it is significantly improved. The addition also dramatized the lighting which I'm almost always for, and I will almost certainly work what is lit to be slightly narrower once this new layer dries and I add Liquin the surface so its texture is unified with the rest of the canvas. Here is the change on 'Eruption', whose name I will undoubtedly change. I think it also highlights more what I originally wanted to be the focus of the painting, which is the sharp geometric shape standing out from the quagmire of earth and light. In any case the canvas is now back to being a work in progress:


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