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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am unsure as to what form of writing I want to post on this creative journal. I may have to invent a little form or practice to bridge the kind of writing I do in my personal journal with the kind of writing typically shared with other people. I do enjoy poetry and lyric writing.

Anyways I think I successfully fixed the circle in the center, and immeadiately after uploading this photo I realized I needed to rub off three of the four little root tentacles on the left. Just watched Little Nemo which was quite enjoyable, a definite add to the list of movies to show a child if I ever have or raise one. The spilling black stuff of Nightmare in that movie is essentially the same kind of thing that I'm painting. A classmate once mentioned Hexus from Fern Gully, which is also accurate. Perhaps more accurate because he was made of oil, not just pure evil and evil is certainly not on my plate of intended references.

Also, I added a new gallery in Photography for my more traditional landscape photography, called The Land.

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